Underground Utility Locating

Information is the most important ingredient in any subsurface investigation. When it comes to underground utility locating, accurate and timely data facilitates the planning of small jobs or multi-million-dollar projects. The prime obstacle in obtaining good information about the subsurface is that nothing is visible. Drawings, plans or site maps are always a good starting point, but they may be faulty, inaccurate or incomplete. Calling the “One-Call” utility locators, only gets you a public utility toneout. The utility locator that they send for your project may be inexperienced at utility marking or just not a good underground utilities locator. This, as I’m sure you know, can and often does effect the bottom line on any project. Cost over runs, downtime, redesigns not to mention the risk of personal injury from bad underground utility marking.

And what about the privately owned utility location? In the past, it was impossible to get a private utility markout. Consumer Markouts, Inc. was started in 1994 with the idea that a private utility locating company working alongside the public utility locating companies could provide a great deal more utility information to the design engineers and excavation contractors that really needed it. We were the first company in the New York area to specialize exclusively in private underground utility marking. Twenty years later, we are considered the most experienced underground utility locators in the tri-state area. Providing our clients with the best utility locating services available.

If you need a utility line locator, look no further than Consumer Markouts. You can rest assured that one of our principals will be the utility locator that is sent to your site to do the utility mark out.